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Leadership – Keys to influence


Introduction: let’s kill some stereotypes about influence.

To influence is to have an impact on the behaviors, attitudes, opinions and choices of others. Influence is not to be confused with power, control or manipulation.

Influencing is an essential skill in today’s workplace.

Workplace hierarchies become flatter and collaboration with different teams and cultures become more common. Therefore, developing personal effectiveness and influencing skills has became essential to lead effectively.

Deep-dive in 5 Influence technics

Influencing is the art of using communication and social skills to impact the actions and decisions of others. This part will start with an introduction on cognitive biases, and we will learn some of the most efficient technics to reach your goals with the support of your team.

Leadership skills that reinforce your influence

Influence is most often and most easily carried through trust. Effective leaders don’t just command: they inspire, persuade, and encourage. Learn the key leadership skills to grow your influence, and inspire professional development.


Aviva Markowicz

Education : Women’s Leadership Executive MBA, YALE UNIVERSITY ; Master in Management, ESC Grenoble.

Volunteer Work: Member of UN Women ; Support Fundraising #HeforShe

Professional Background: CEO NUMA New York. International Accelerator for non-us founders who want to access the US market ; Head of International Strategy, NUMA. Opening of accelerator programs in 6 countries in 18 months.


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