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Let’s get you negotiating !


Negotiation is essential for getting what we want, need & deserve – in business or in life.
It’s how we increase profits, land dream projects and build strong relationships with
clients, vendors and partners. Stepping up and speaking out to make your ask can be
intimidating, and avoiding the conversations all together is a tempting choice.
But it’s worth it. So let’s get you negotiating.

In this workshop, you will learn:

● What negotiation really is, and why it’s a must as a business owner
● Which gender stereotypes impact negotiation, and how to overcome that bias
● How to amplify their influence and communicate in a way that feels natural
*and* helps them achieve their goals
● How to apply the Make The Ask Method to prepare, strategize and execute a

Presented in English, the Masterclass includes two case studies (5-7 minutes, partner
activity, with materials in both French and English) to put new skills into practice
immediately, and to serve as a springboard for discussion during a networking period.


About Devon Smiley 

– 15 years of negotiation experience, over $5 billion signed,
sealed and delivered in commercial contracts
– Consulting and Speaking clients: JPMorgan Chase, Rolls-Royce,
Mars Chocolate
– Pro Bono Partners: UN Women, The Clinton Foundation,
God’s Love We Deliver
– Featured Negotiation Expert in the New York Times, Glamour,
the Chicago Tribune, Hello Giggles
– Mentor with StartupBootcamp FinTech NYC, Startup Canada
-Diverse international client base including entrepreneurs,
startups and corporates



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mardi 9 juillet 2019

09:00 - 11:30
Startup WILLA : gratuit
Coworker WILLA : 5€
Externe : 15€