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Ikkoé builds and sells a plug-in embedded in retailers’ websites to personalise their products. When the transaction is finalised, the plug-in extracts the specifications of the personalised product and sends them to the retailer. The specifications format is tailored to the retailer’s machine tools or their manufacturer’s for an easy manufacturing and a cheaper automated personalisation.

Ikkoé is a young startup that started in a living room in Brooklyn, NY. The two co-founders are ex-Criteos who respectively share out Strategy&BizDev and R&D. Now fully based in Paris, the team is transforming current on-market personalization into a sophisticated and user-friendly experience. We hold as our core principles neat execution, agility and a good dose of international humour. Moreover english is the working language.

Promotion : 2017

Fondatrice(s) : Sophie Rama, Valérie Bransier

Site : https://ikkoe.com/fr